Runner does yoga in her bedroom

Yoga For Runners – A Powerful Way to Improve Performance

For many people, running provides a meditative state that allows them to unwind and relax. Of course, running also provides a great physical workout. But at the same time, the pounding of the pavement like a metronome has a rhythmic and hypnotizing effect. It’s a common reason why many runners don’t feel the need to even try yoga. But believe it or not, there are many running benefits of yoga. If you haven’t tried it, certainly don’t knock it! Yoga for runners can truly be a wonderful thing.

As great as running is in terms of a workout, it can take its toll on your body over time. This is especially true if you neglect warm-ups and stretching. This is where yoga for runners can help, however. Improved flexibility, strength and balance are just some of the running benefits of yoga. These are among the many reasons why the majority of today’s top runners incorporate yoga into their regular routine.

The Running Benefits of Yoga

Yoga in general encompasses a variety of postures and exercises that promote stretching, strengthening, and balance. Depending on your specific needs, different yoga poses can address one of these areas more than others. But ideally, yoga for runners should involve a combination of each of these. Understanding this, the following running benefits of yoga should help convince you why it should be part of your training.

  • Strengthens Your Core

All runners can benefit from a strong core. This helps improve your running form and efficiency while reducing the potential for injury and fatigue.

  • Provides Greater Flexibility

Flexibility is important for runners because tight muscles and ligaments are more prone to injury. Yoga for runners thus not only improves your agility but reduces downtime from strains and pulls.

  • Builds Mental Resilience

Anyone who has challenged themselves running knows that success is mental and physical. One of the important running benefits of yoga is its ability to empower and build mental resilience.

  • Improves Breathing Patterns

A great deal of focus in yoga is on breathing. Conscious breathing is relaxing and empowering at the same time. Translating these techniques to running can offer additional benefits in performance.

  • Enhances Your Balance

For most runners, balance may not be something that is often considered. However, one of the running benefits of yoga is the enhanced balance it provides. This is particular helpful for trail running where the terrain is less predictable.

Start Enjoying the Running Benefits of Yoga

Yoga classes are in abundance these days, which makes it easy for runners to find a class to meet their needs. Even with COVID-19 restrictions, a number of virtual yoga classes make access easy. If you’re new to yoga, then be sure to begin with a basic beginner’s program. It’s not that you might not be able to handle the workout. It’s more about learning the proper form and positions to maximize your experience. In no time, you’ll be advancing to more complex classes. And in the process, you’ll come to appreciate the advantages yoga offers your running performance. Yoga is wonderful and is for everyone… especially runners!

Do you keep a training log? If so, include your yoga workouts into your log to see how they improve your running performance.

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