Women Who Run - Kari Lansing

Women Who Run – Kari Lansing

Get to know avid runner, certified strength and conditioning coach and founder of Bring Your Sneakers, Kari Lansing.


About Kari Lansing

Age: 46

Current residence:

Nestled in the Adirondacks Mountains of NY, where every run involves a hill of some kind. 

First Real Job:

Serving ice cream and milkshakes at Custard, Mustard & Brew

Favorite Sports:

Running and Soccer

When did you start running?

8th grade – I tried out for the varsity track team and made it! I’m actually a sprinter by nature but have been converted to more distance running as an adult. 

Most memorable race:

A 5k for the American Red Cross. It was my first race after having three children. It was amazingly exhilarating to think I was “back,” yet totally exhausting because I had three little kids under 5 and basically hadn’t slept through the night in 5 years! 

Next athletic goal:

This will be my first winter without access to a treadmill, so my goal is to not let Mother Nature beat me down. Winter can be 6 months long here. I intend to be resilient enough to run consistently through the winter. I also want to be REALLY strong by next spring. 

Favorite food:

Sushi… and homemade apple cider donuts – or really any homemade donut. I lovingly blame my grandmother. She was an amazing baker but unless we ate like 9 donuts at breakfast, she would turn to us and say “What’s the matter?!?! Don’t you like them???”

Least favorite food:

Anchovies and Sea Urchin are the only things that make me gag.

Favorite place to run:

Anywhere in Hawaii or in fresh mountain air in the Adirondacks.

Life/running philosophy: 

Life #1 – Find the gift and the beauty in each day. Gratitude is extremely powerful and totally FREE! It has zero negative side effects!  

Life #2 – Anything is possible when we really want it. 

Running #1 – Running is so much more than just running. It empowers women to launch into their next best level – not only IN running itself, but also THROUGH running. It provides peace and meditation, freedom and energy, growth and expansion. When all of the pieces of great running are connected together, it becomes more of a transformational experience rather than “just more miles.” However, as deep as that is…it still needs to be filled with fun, friends, adventure, laughter and joy.

Interesting fact about you:

I have had the privilege of coaching two Olympic medalists.

To connect with Kari, go to Bring Your Sneakers. at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BringYourSneakers

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