Solo Running – 10 Tips for Staying Safe While Going It Alone

For many runners, running by themselves offers an opportunity to escape the pressures of the day. Solo running lets them unwind without the pressures of conversation. And likewise, these opportunities provide a certain sense of freedom and spontaneity that may also be enjoyable. At the same time, running alone requires a little extra preparation. Staying safe is important when you’re by yourself. Understanding this, you’ll want to check out these 10 safe running tips before you plan your next solo run.

Dress to Be Seen:

An important part of staying safe is being visible to others. When you’re solo running, you’re not as noticeable when compared to running in a group. But by dressing in brightly colored apparel and wearing safety lights or reflectors, you’ll be easily seen. This is a must at night, but it’s also important during the day when running alone.

Don’t Forget Your ID and Phone:

Even if you’re heading out solo running for a short distance, always bring some form of identification and your smartphone. Having your identification allows someone to contact your emergency contacts as quickly as possible if needed. And your smartphone can not only provide a means to contact someone but also work as an alarm or locator device. Need a way to carry important items on your Run? FlipBelt is a best in class running belt and is super comfortable.

Invest in an Alarm or Spray:

Some additional measures you might want to consider in staying safe during your solo runs include alarms and pepper sprays. There are several running companies that make these products specifically for runners. In addition, smartphone apps also exist that can serve as an alarm.

Let Someone Know Your Plans:

Letting someone know your route, your expected time or return, and other details is strongly encouraged when solo running. Whether it’s a friend or family member, they should be someone who will follow up and make sure you returned safely.

Choose Areas that Are Public and Well-Lit:

You might be alone when solo running, but that doesn’t mean you have to run in deserted placed. In staying safe, you should preferably run in well-lit areas and ones where there are a number of people. No matter what happens, it helps to have others around who can come to your aid.

Choose a Familiar Route:

There’s nothing worse than getting lost when you’re running by yourself. Unlike running with a friend, solo running means you alone are responsible for your whereabouts. Therefore, play it safe and choose a route with which you’re well familiar.

Be Attentive to Your Surroundings:

Being aware of your surroundings is always a good idea and a key part of staying safe when running. But when solo running, it is even more important. Likewise, if you must wear headphones, keep the volume low or only wear in one ear. This will allow you to better appreciate what’s going on around you.

Trust Your Gut Instincts:

Your instincts are there for a reason. If something doesn’t seem right, then it’s probably not. Avoid places and situations that do not feel safe when solo running, and you’ll be better off. Even if your instincts are wrong, you will have played it safe and made a wise decision.

Run with Confidence:

Your body language says a lot about you whether you’re walking or solo running. Running with confidence tells others that you’re better prepared to act and respond. Though many do not think this is an important practice in staying safe, it can actually help deter unwanted events.

Take a Self-Defense Class:

Your efforts in staying safe can extend beyond your solo running experiences. In this regard, choosing to take a self-defense class can help you be better prepared in a number of situations. Hopefully, you’ll never need these skills, but it doesn’t hurt to have them anyway.

Staying Safe in a Pandemic

With the current pandemic, solo running has inherently become more common for many runners. Social distancing measures should be practiced along with other health recommendations in your efforts to stay safe. But likewise, the safety tips presented here should also be considered as part of your solo running routine. Planning for safety ahead of time naturally reduces risks. And it will also provide you a greater peace of mind so you can enjoy your run more completely.

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