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Run Gear Spotlight: PRO Compression – Compression Socks for Runners

Runners everywhere are learning about the many benefits that compression socks offer. From improved circulation to faster muscle recovery, a number of advantages are associated with the use of compression socks. Despite this, many questions about the specific style and type of compression wear often arise. Like any piece of running gear, it’s important to identify a company and brand that can best serve your needs. Understanding this, this Run Gear Spotlight will take a look at PRO Compression, a known leader in runners’ compression sleeves and socks.

Who Is PRO Compression?

PRO Compression is a well-known retailer of compression wear that specializes in runners’ compression socks. In essence, PRO Compression provides a variety of socks and sleeves that offer graduated levels of compression. The graduated compression facilitates the movement of blood whether running, walking or even standing. For runners, this prevents swelling, reduces leg discomfort, and boosts recovery. And many strongly believe the use of compression enhances running performance.

Why We Like PRO Compression

PRO Compression is a leader in the running industry, and for good reason. Their compression wear is made of a proprietary blend of nylon and poly materials that are extremely comfortable and effective. This material is moisture-wicking, extremely durable, and odor-reducing. Likewise, their compression socks have built-in cushioning that provides additional running comfort. And PRO Compression has over 50 styles and colors of various compression wear from which to choose. These features account for the company’s popularity among runners.

Compression Wear Options and Varieties

While socks represent PRO Compression’s main offering, they do come in a number of styles. For example, the company offers low, mid, and full sock lengths. Likewise, PRO Compression also lists calf sleeves and arm sleeve as alternatives. In addition, 4 different compression gradations may be selected that range from 10 to 35mm pressure. And all styles come in an array of different colors, patterns, and designs. There is even a wide calf option for runners who require unique sizes. In essence, a wide array of options is available to serve nearly all runners’ needs.

PRO Compression’s Pricing Options

As you might have guessed, the technology involved in compression socks is much more advanced that regular running socks. As a result, PRO Compression products are significantly more than other types of socks you might purchase. In fact, their compression socks can be used by medical patients who need circulation assistance as well. Therefore, most compression socks are offered at a price of $50 per pair. Calf sleeves are priced at $45 with arm sleeves reduced at $40. In addition, the long-lasting nature of the materials used means you won’t be needing another pair in the near future. Given this and product’s quality, the investment is quite reasonable, especially for the benefits they provide.

Overall Review of PRO Compression

It’s difficult to find any downsides with PRO Compression’s compression wear offerings. The company offers top-grade compression socks and sleeves designed to meet a variety of needs. Their products also accommodate men and women with unique patterns and designs. And their quality and durability mean your investment will last a long time. If you’re looking for top-notch compression wear, PRO Compression is a good bet.

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