Run Gear Spotlight: Headsweats Running Hats

Finding the right running gear is important not only during a race but also during training. After all, your training runs account for the vast majority of all your workouts. While the right running shoes, shorts, and shirts are certainly important, so is eye and sun protection. Most runners think of sunscreen and sunglasses as essential parts of their running gear. But a great alternative exists…running hats. If you’ve never considered a running hat before, you might want to give one a try. And if you’re looking for a great company that provides them, Headsweats deserves a look.

What is Headsweats?

Headsweats makes all types of athletic headwear. In addition to running hats, they also make headbands, visors, and hats for a variety of activities. These include cycling, tennis, winter sports, and even under-helmet garb. Likewise, Headsweats makes a variety of different running hats that vary in color, style, and features. The company even has a line of headwear that is made from recycled plastic bottles. If running hats and headwear are what you need, Headsweats probably has what you’re looking for.

Why We Like Headsweats

There are many reasons to like Headsweats, but the most important one involves the performance of their headwear. Among the different styles, the running hats are composed of quick-drying material that resists fading and odor. In addition, many have mesh backings that are highly breathable and offer superior ventilation. Hats are a great alternative to sunglasses and sunscreen. Not only do they protect your face from the sun, but they bounce less, absorb sweat, and block the rain.  And best of all, Headsweats offers an array of great designs that many runners love to collect.

Great Running Hats and Headwear Options

Among all the running hats that Headsweats offers, the trucker hat may be the most popular. The trucker style hat sits higher on the head and has a larger bill. This means it offers even better sun protection and ventilation. But if that style is not for you, then others exist. In addition to traditional baseball style hats and racing hats, Headsweats also offers visors, headbands, and performance tees. Plus, in addition to a variety of colorful designs, you can also customize your own.

Headsweats Pricing Options

Running hats vary in price depending on the company you choose. Fortunately, Headsweats offers a clear advantage here as well. Trucker hats generally cost $26 while racing hats are listed for $21. Headbands and visors are also fairly priced around the same price range. When compared to most sun glasses, you can’t beat the price. Likewise, it’s much easier to keep track of a running hat as well. From both a short-term and long-term perspective, Headsweats makes good financial sense.

Overall Review of Headsweats

If you’re in the market for running headwear, Headsweats offers high-quality, affordable, high-performance products. Not everyone will prefer to wear headwear during their runs. However, many runners are increasingly realizing the benefits that running hats offer in a variety of climates. Headsweats also offers stylish options that allow their products to be versatile and worn in a number of settings. All of these features are why we can confidently recommend Headsweats headwear as part of your go-to running gear.

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Photo Credit: Kelsey Klaus (Headsweats)

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