Run Gear Spotlight: FlipBelt – A Best in Class Running Belt

One of the challenges many runners face involves how to carry essential items with them on their runs. Keys, phones, and an ID are just a few of the items usually considered. Some of the more common solutions to these problems have included armbands and fanny packs. But these are associated with their own issues at times. Fortunately, some great options exist, which is why this Run Gear Spotlight showcases FlipBelt, a premier running belt that we love.

What is FlipBelt?

FlipBelt is a bounce-free, chafe-free and hands-free running belt designed to hold basic items while running. It consists of a tube that fits around one’s waist and is made of stretchy, active-wear materials. Within the fabric tube are 4 slits where runners can place a variety of items. These might include one’s phone, wallet, lip balm and even fuel for your run. And it even has a small hook that can secure your key or rings. Not only is FlipBelt comfortable and non-chafing, but it also comes in a variety of colors. And in addition to the basic style, other options that have zipper pockets, reflection strips, and a wider girth are also available.

Why We Like FlipBelt

Unlike other running belt options, FlipBelt provides an incredible degree of stability for runners. Items stored in the running belt do not move around or bounce while running. Likewise, it is extremely comfortable and is made of a fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. In addition, accessing items in FlipBelt is easy, even while running. The slits open easily to allow you to get the specific item you need. Likewise, it’s also easy to replace your item back in the running belt without missing a step. FlipBelt is also completely machine or hand washable, making it easy to keep it clean.

Great Running Belt with Great Accessories

The basic FlipBelt provides all the essential features any runner might need. However, there are a number of additional accessories available that may enhance its use even more. For example, FlipBelt offers both an alarm and a pepper spray that can be easily accommodated within the running belt. Small water bottles, a light, and even a wallet designed to fit within the belt’s slits are also for purchase. Even racing bib attachments can be included, helping you avoid the hassle of those safety pins. Depending on your preferences, you may customize your FlipBelt any way you want.

FlipBelt Pricing Options

If you’re looking for an affordable running accessory to carry your items, FlipBelt is it. The basic running belt sells for $29 with other styles slightly more. Ones with reflection strips are priced at $35 while those with a zipper pocket cost $36. FlipBelt also sells its Elite running belt for $46, which can hold larger items should you have the need. In addition to these items, other running belt accessories are also fairly priced offering a great value to runners.

Overall Review of FlipBelt

In evaluating FlipBelt as well as its numerous styles and accessories, only positive remarks can be made. Fairly priced and offering exceptional comfort and storage, this running belt is among the best on the market. In addition, numerous consumer reviews tout FlipBelt as being an exceptional piece of running gear. Unless you’re a runner who never carries items on a run, FlipBelt is a must-have. It’s not surprising FlipBelt is now recognized as one of the top-selling pieces of running equipment today. 

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