Level Up Your Running

Level-Up Your Running and Find Your Online Tribe

Support for great running comes in many forms. Having the right shoes under your feet and a great sports bra are important initial steps in successful running. However, if you want to truly level-up your running, having a supportive community around you is critical. 

The running world is currently going through a massive transformation. Considering fears of COVID-19, and social distancing requirements, the traditional meet-up running groups are going to be on hold for a while. Compounded by 2020 race calendars being wiped out, feelings of isolation and uncertainty can wipe out our running mojo incredibly fast. Without our running comrades around us, the fun of running can be deflated… and without someone to share the fun energy with, running can feel more like a chore. Don’t let that happen.  I’m here to tell you that we don’t have to stay stuck, feeling down. As much as we don’t like the current events, we must accept what IS and find the opportunity within it for something new!  Where? How? Online groups are gaining massive momentum and hold loads of great mojo-building energy!

10 Reasons to Find Your Online Running Tribe

  1. Friendship and camaraderie – These people already “get it” – why we need to go to bed early, why we will politely refuse a third glass of wine or an unbelievably decadent dessert… and why we really DO need to get another pair of running shoes…really.
  1. New connections – Interacting with other runners can breathe some fresh air into your running life. It’s a chance to meet new people from new places, with new wisdom and experiences to share.
  1. Energy and momentum – When you see what others are accomplishing, it can give you proof and inspiration that you can do the same.
  1. An outside perspective – When you see what others are challenged with, it helps us to see that what we are experiencing isn’t so uncommon. In this light, it helps make the challenges a little bit easier to get through. On the flip side, the perspective can also show us that we are tougher than we thought. Either way, we keep going.
  1. Confirmation and inspiration – In this day and age, it’s highly likely that someone else has already done what you want to do. It can be very energizing to watch their journey and learn from it.
  1. Accountability – When we step in and become friends with others in the group, it’s nice when someone cares enough to say, “Did you do it?” or “How’s it going?” or “Where have you been? We’ve missed you!”
  1. Focus – When you surround yourself with other people who seek similar goals, your focus improves just by spending more time talking about running.
  1. Bonus! Flexibility– There’s no schedule! You can arrive and leave the “party” whenever you want to.

When is it the right fit?

You will know you have found your gang when it just feels comfortable, like a favorite pair of running shoes or a great sports bra. Finding a community can be so very powerful for the mind, body and spirit of runners. These are critical parts of the engine we use to run, so I encourage you to care for that side of your running just as much as everything else you do to run well.

Kari is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 24 years of experience in the fields of athletic development, sports medicine and fitness. She has successfully coached Olympic medalists, Ironman competitors, ultra-marathoners and hundreds of runners of all abilities. She is the founder of Bring Your Sneakers, an online community that empowers women to become better runners and to strengthen themselves in every area of their life through running. She currently coaches and consults with women runners of every level of experience from all over the country and loves to see women become stronger in every way through running. To find out more about Kari's coaching programs of to connect with her, visit her site

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