Women’s 5K


The Virtual Women’s 5K, at 3.1 miles, is the perfect distance for anyone who is looking for a little running fun. Great for adults or kids and perfect for beginners. The Virtual Women’s 5K takes place on Sunday, April 11th and can be completed virtually anywhere—on the beach, or your neighborhood sidewalk, on a mountain trail or even on a treadmill. You can run solo or with a group of running buddies. You can also choose to start with thousands of other women (7am Eastern, 7am Central, 7am Mountain or 7am Pacific) or you can choose to start at a time that works best for your schedule. No matter who you run with or what time you start on race day, we urge you to wear your event tech tee and race bib so other Virtual Women’s 5K runners can cheer you on!


Virtual Women’s 5K participants receive:

  • The ultimate goodie bag
  • The unique 2-in-1 medal with removable charm
  • Women’s-specific tech tee
  • Ultima Replenisher sample pack
  • Bondi Band headband
  • Race bib
  • Finisher’s certificate
  • Additional sponsor goodies
Virtually Everywhere
Sunday, April 11th

Join thousands of like-minded women for an inspiring weekend full of fun and camaraderie. Run, walk, skip, jump or race! Don’t miss out, sign up today and join the fun!